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Northern Beaches Granny Flats: The Perfect Summer Holiday Rental

northern beaches granny flat

If there was ever a question about the popularity of Sydney’s Northern Beaches as a holiday destination, the affordability of holiday rentals over the summer season is a reminder of the high demand. Fortunately, Northern Beaches granny flats offer a practical solution to exorbitant holiday accommodation costs for holiday-makers, as well as opening up a new stream of revenue for those boasting a Multidwell granny flat in their backyard.




Many homeowners have often pondered the possibility of renting out their granny flat but hesitated at the idea of tying themselves to something too permanent. Renting out your Northern Beaches granny flat for a more short term engagement through platforms such as AirBnb can boost your income over the holiday season without a long term commitment to tenants.




Most Aussie tourists are seeking a warm, welcoming and relaxed feeling for their summer holidays when they choose to stay on the Northern Beaches. Granny flats are becoming increasingly popular for providing the perfect familiar feeling that hotels and lodgings often lack. Creature comforts, personal touches, private access or outdoor space can add a lot of attraction to your property for tourists exploring their holiday accommodation options. Tourists are often willing to pay more for those little touches and granny flats often end up still being a highly attractive option. There is no wonder there is a rising trend of granny flats becoming a preferred choice for holiday makers!




Using your Northern Beaches granny flat as a holiday rental can actually prove to be a more concentrated source of income than a traditional lease, as accommodation prices spike over the holiday seasons. This can be a great way to supplement your Christmas budget! Choosing to lease your granny flat at specific periods over the year can provide the best of both worlds: additional income when you need it, extra space when you don’t.


Northern Beaches Granny Flats aren’t just the solution to Sydney’s housing problem, they’re the perfect holiday rental option for tourists and home-owners alike! Contact us today for your no obligation consultation to begin building yours with Multidwell.



“Paul met us at our house soon after and very quickly set about designing the perfect unit for our property. His design ideas were inspired; they then delivered a beautifully finished unit ahead of schedule. We had no trouble renting it for top dollar and this really relieved the pressure of our high mortgage. Our granny flat delivered an outstanding investment result. ”

– John & Leigh, Newport