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If you are looking for a guest post then you are on the right page. First of all we like to thank you for showing your interest in the guest posts for home decor writes for us. We are also looking for creative content writers who can provide us high-quality content.

Accepting guest posts is very helpful in providing information to readers, and if we will have a good content writer then it will be easier for us to provide a good quality of content to our readers. from our website, you will get the opportunity to expose your work in front of the whole world as we have a huge number of readers worldwide. There will be a lot of Search Engine Optimization benefits to your website through this guest post.

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Well, we receive a huge number of request for the guest post but we don’t allow any random person to contribute for us, because quality matters a lot if you don’t have quality in your work then for sure you will not have traffic on your page and even if you get the traffic that audience want to be the quality audience. We don’t compromise with the quality of content so make sure whatever you are contributing you strictly follow our guidelines. And if you will not follow our guidelines then your content will not get published.

Who can Write for Our Home Blog?

Anyone who is good in this niche can write for us this opportunity is available for everyone if you are capable to fulfill our demands, even if you are a beginner we will give you a chance to write for us, all you have to do is strictly follow the guidelines.

Your contribution matters a lot to us that’s why we try to post your contribution within 2 to 3 days.

Why Should You Write For Us?

As we are in the list of prominent blogs in the home decorations blogging industry and are the only motive is to provide information to our readers through Search Engine Optimization (SEO) friendly blog.

There are thousands of visitor on our site on a monthly basis so it’s our responsibility to deliver well informative and unique content to our readers and obviously it takes a lot of hard work and time because each and every content we offer on our website is well-researched and include all the information our readers wish to read and obviously you can trust its authenticity.

If you are a small blogger or a large company and if you are looking ahead to grow your business then the guest post is a great idea you can ever have because guest post offers you the opportunity to promote your work and it will also improve your website’s Search Engine Optimization (SEO) through authoritative backlinks which will also expand your audience.

Creating good quality content will help not only your website, but it will also helpful for our website too. Here is some information to make you understand better about the benefits of guest posting.

Quality Traffic and Instant Exposure to Targeted Audience in Home Decor – Improvement Niche

Any online business needs traffic to survive and if there is no traffic on your online business then it’s a huge flop. You need to have heavy traffic on a regular basis on your blogs. And guest posts can solve your problem of not having traffic on your blogs it’s a great idea how to get a backlink through a guest post.

Guest post is helpful to a certain level but it can’t do a miracle that’s in your hand if your work is worth appreciation only then the guest post can help you to drive traffic to your website for your business. Having traffic is not only enough it’s mandatory to have a good quality audience for that you need to create high-quality content.

Improve Search Result Rankings And Domain Authority For Your Home Decor Blog

There are a lot of advantages of guest posting and one of them is that it will increase your search engine authority with your domain name and backlinks will help you in this. A single backlink from a popular post can provide you a lot of Search Engine Optimization benefits. And the benefit is not limited to the page you have linked but it will be beneficial for your site too.

Build Your Online Influence And Helps You ToExpand Your PersonalNetwork InHome Improvement Niche

Having an author profile is great, people will start to recognize you from your work as they will be able to see your name and your content on different websites. So this is how through a guest posting you can get recognition for your blogging among popular bloggers from your Niche.

And this is not only about recognition as your work will be appreciated if it worth appreciation then you will get better and better opportunities.

It Helps You Increase Your Social Media Followers

Apart from increasing traffic on your website, guest posting can also help you in gaining followers and subscribers. People will visit your website through backlinks and if they love your work they might praise you. There are a lot of people who believe in keep learning and if your work is worth that then it will surely increase your followers.

Types Of Content Accepted ByHome Decor Write For Us Submission

Make sure your content is unique and not copied from anywhere

Your content should not be copied from any other website because if you do so then for sure we are not going to post your content on our blog. We only post original content so make sure whatever content you are sharing with us it should be 90% fresh, it will make you eligible for a guest post.

You are allowed to cover any topic which you want to you but make sure it shouldn’t be from the press release and product comparison apart from these two we welcome any sort of original content.

Topic Suggestions For You Guest Post

There is a long list of topics we cover but that doesn’t mean that we will post anything we are very picky when it comes to publishing quality content because this is what defines your site, if there is no quality content that means there is no quality audience or maybe no audience at all.

There are some suggestions for us which you can try.

  • Home decor ideas to try
  • Product reviews and comparisons
  • Tips and tricks for how-to
  • Product release news

These are very few topics from the list of topics we cover. If you want to you can apply these in your guest host and it is recommended you read other posts from your site so that you can have in idea about what kind of content we publish.

Guest post guidelines

  • Whichever post your sharing with should be relevant to our website’s niche, we don’t publish any irrelevant content. And the main motive of our post is to provide information to our readers so make sure whatever content you are creating that shouldn’t be imaginary, all the details and information you are providing should be authentic and also you are not allowed to do self-promotion.
  • The word limit of your article should more than 800-2000 words you can write more than 2000 words if you want to but make sure whatever you are writing that should be authentic, well-researched and whatever topic you have chosen make sure you cover that properly. And if you are taking help from any other website or taking any information for your article then make sure you should not mention the source.
  • Images and videos are the things which attract people’s attention, only writing is not enough if you want to grab the sudden attention of people you need to use some pictures or videos relevant to your content now it’s up to you whether you want to click the picture yourself or take it from any other site but make sure that you don’t violate any copyright law. If you are doing any product review then make sure the images you use are from the official website.
  • Follow links are allowed but not for the same post. You can provide a link from your page but we don’t allow the links from our competitors.
  • your article should have a conclusion at the end of your article we can provide a summary of your content, you can mention different opinion or facts as well.

Guest Post Submission Guidelines

  • Accepted Formats: all types of formats are accepted whether it is a document, PDF, PowerPoint presentation, Dropbox, Google doc, and any other format where it is easy to copy and paste and also the format you are sharing with us that should not be protected.
  • Point of submission: you can send it through your emails a document.
  • Formatting the post: you should write an article such way that we don’t need to do a lot of changes like you can create bulletins, make list, add links in comments for brackets or you can embed the links, and pay some attention to headings and subheadings because both of these are very important. In short write in an effective way so that it can be easy to understand for readers too.
  • Editing information: you need to know that we have the right to edit your article as per our convenience because sometimes there are spelling errors, grammatical errors, and format errors too, and we don’t want to disappoint our readers so we need to make some changes and we can also change headings and subheadings too if it looks inappropriate.
  • Self-promo: you can also submit your author bio with your guest post content.

How to submit an article to us?

  • Send your guest post pitch
  • Then you can send your guest post content
  • You can also send your content along with your pitch.
  • If you have followed all the guidelines then there are high chances that we will publish your content.

Email Us: teammultidwell@gmail.com

Final Words

So this was all the information you might require for guest posting.

Usually, we publish a guest post article on the gap of two to three days because there are a lot of guest post pictures we have to review the content we have received and it takes normally to 2-3 days for posting this much content even if we post numbers of content regular still it might get deleted poster content but if you have followed all the guidelines and your content is original then we will surely publish your content.

And don’t worry we don’t keep our writers in suspense that whether if their submission is considered or not. If we are not publishing there post when we inform them through email.