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Building Granny Flats For Rent

Granny Flats For Rent

Whilst there are many advantages to building a granny flat on your property, one of the biggest draw cards for homeowners is the possibility of renting it out. Building granny flats for rent can prove to be a smart move for some, as the income can help to cover mortgage repayments and even provide additional profit in the right circumstances.

While it may seem like a straightforward concept, the market for granny flats on the Northern Beaches is becoming increasingly saturated. Most homes are now equipped with a granny flat which is a huge selling point for renters looking for a more homely, secluded space. Prospective renters are often young couples who are still living at home and can afford to be picky when looking for a new place. Therefore it is increasingly important for homeowners to make their granny flat stand out as a strong candidate.

The trick to securing a long term renter for your granny flat is making it liveable. It takes more than just repainting walls and adding half a kitchen to your old garage. But, with a bit of forethought and planning, building an attractive and practical granny flat can be easily done with Multidwell!




They say the heart of anyone’s home is the kitchen. This will be no different for your granny flat, even if it is half the size of your home. It’s important not to skimp on the details such as practicality and function, as your tenants should be comfortably living and entertaining within the space. By using clever storage options and multi-use facilities, you can ensure the best use of the space around common areas such as the living room.




Although there are many granny flats on the market, many of them are outdated or run down. It’s worth considering spending more on the finishing touches when building or renovating your granny flat. A clean, contemporary feel is alluring to tenants and makes all the difference for that crucial first impression on inspection. Adding chrome appliances, crisp finishes and modern fittings can make any space look sleek and incredibly sought after.  In a studio layout, something as simple as adding large windows can create the illusion of a larger space.




Consider going the extra mile to create things like outdoor areas, gardens or feature walls in your granny flat to make it stand out. Considering options such as private access and inclusions such as wifi or access to the family pool ensures your flat will be the most sought after on the market.


Designing a space with the inhabitants in mind is the most important thing when building granny flats for rent and will create all the difference in securing a long term tenant. Contact us today for your no obligation consultation to begin building yours with Multidwell.


“We were so happy with the first granny flat Multidwell built for us. We engaged them to build one in another investment property we have on the Northern Beaches. ”

– San, Narrabeen