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Paul Mathias
Granny Flats For Rent
Whilst there are many advantages to building a granny flat on your property, one of the biggest draw cards for homeowners is the possibility of renting it out. Building granny flats for rent can prove to be a smart move for some, as the income can help to cover mortgage repayments and even provide additional...
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northern beaches granny flat
If there was ever a question about the popularity of Sydney’s Northern Beaches as a holiday destination, the affordability of holiday rentals over the summer season is a reminder of the high demand. Fortunately, Northern Beaches granny flats offer a practical solution to exorbitant holiday accommodation costs for holiday-makers, as well as opening up a...
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affordable northern beaches living
Despite housing prices slowly dropping, there is no lying that Australia’s cost of living is still as high as ever. If we were to rewind 40 years, land for quaint weatherboard cottages would be selling for an affordable $30,000. Over the past five years, the market has jumped 50% making it increasingly difficult for first...
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