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Affordable Northern Beaches Living

affordable northern beaches living

Despite housing prices slowly dropping, there is no lying that Australia’s cost of living is still as high as ever. If we were to rewind 40 years, land for quaint weatherboard cottages would be selling for an affordable $30,000. Over the past five years, the market has jumped 50% making it increasingly difficult for first home buyers. Affordable Northern Beaches living seemed like a long-lost concept, until Multidwell came onto the market. 




Our perceptions of the Northern Beaches lifestyle are almost an exact match, for its suburbs are equipped with the finest beaches in close proximity to retail precincts, schools and transport. A lazy Sunday vibe and love for the outdoors has certainly ingrained itself into the Northern Beaches lifestyle. It’s the perfect place to raise a family whilst enjoying the best of Sydney, why would you want to live anywhere else?


Millennial’s who were born and raised on the Northern Beaches are feeling the pressure of leaving the nest, with affordability of local houses and apartments a little too out of their depth. Many are turning to share housing, yet for couples wanting a little more privacy there aren’t many affordable options around.




Luckily, the Northern Beaches boasts larger blocks of land than higher density areas, such as the Inner West. Affordable Northern Beaches living can be easily achieved through multi-dwelling living, offering maximised living spaces for less of the price. For a teenager needing some space, newlyweds or retirees, granny flats offer the perfect comfortable living space for a fraction of the rent.

Whether you need space for friends or family, or are looking for a great investment income, the team at Multidwell are able to create the ideal solution for extra accommodation. Multidwell granny flats offer a modern, homely and perfectly sized paradise for those looking to stay on the beaches.  


If you’re looking to create an affordable and modern living solution on the Northern Beaches, you can trust the team at Multidwell to deliver. Contact us today for your no obligation consultation!



“Thank you Paul for my lovely ‘granny flat’, which should be renamed superior 1 or 2 bedroom home! One very happy owner of a Multidwell home”

– Brenda, North Curl Curl